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Bespoke Finance for UK’s Property Investors

For over a decade, Pluto Finance has established itself as a reliable partner to UK’s property investors, and intermediaries. With an impressive portfolio of over £3 billion lent in property finance since 2011, Pluto Finance is renowned for its long-standing client relationships and swift service, backed by some of the world’s most reputable institutional investors.

Innovative Financing Solutions

Pluto Finance excels in providing a suite of financial services tailored to the UK market, including:

  • Bridging Loans: Understanding the essence of time in property dealings, they offer bridging loans characterised by swift transaction times, typically averaging four weeks from initial enquiry to drawdown. With in-house credit processing, Pluto Finance ensures direct contact with decision-makers, providing indicative terms within 24 hours. Their bridging loans cater to various property types, offering competitive bridging loan rates and innovative alternatives to bridging loans.
  • Development Finance: Pluto Finance’s development loans range from £10m to £100m, accommodating a vast spectrum of projects from Build-to-Sell to Student Accommodation. Pluto Finance is committed to addressing the housing shortage in the UK, offering flexible financing options like senior and stretched development finance, presenting as an invaluable partner in development finance today.
  • Investment Finance: They also extends its expertise to the expanding Build-to-Rent (BTR) and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) sectors, providing tailored senior debt and stretch financing options. Their deep market insight allows them to assist with every facet of development, reinforcing Pluto Finance’s position as an instrumental ally in property investment.

Why Choose Pluto Finance?

  • Expertise and Experience: Pluto prides itself on a highly experienced team, boasting over 250 years of combined sector lending experience. This expertise ensures every financing solution is engineered with precision and foresight.
  • Bespoke and Flexible: Every project is different, and Pluto embraces this by crafting customised solutions that address the nuances of each developer’s vision.
  • Rapid and Reliable: Known for its fast bridging loans and prompt service, Pluto Finance respects the urgency of property deals, delivering on timelines that keep your projects moving forward.
  • Robust Backing: With support from heavyweight investors, including the UK’s largest private sector pension scheme, Pluto offer the security and reliability that comes from working with patient, long-term capital.

Partnering with Intermediaries

Pluto Finance is committed to collaborating with intermediaries who guide developers and investors towards achieving their financial goals. They welcome the opportunity to establish new relationships and provide tailored solutions that echo their client’s aspirations.

Their Legacy

Since its inception, Pluto Finance has been a part of the delivery of over 10,000 new homes. Their approach is grounded in innovation, inclusivity, and integrity, which has cultivated a network of repeat borrowers and cemented their status as a principal lender of choice for many.

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