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Mezzanine finance is one area of specialist finance that, while complex, can be a useful tool – provided you can negotiate the right terms.

Your client can utilise mezzanine finance as a second charge on top of a first charge. Typically, its role is to fill the gap between the finance being provided by a primary development lender, and the deposit a developer has available. This gives developers maximum flexibility, ensuring you can complete the development successfully without needing to tie up all of your liquidity in a deposit.

However, this is not the only route forward to access more liquidity; if you require additional funding, you may wish to explore options around stretched senior debt, as well as mezzanine finance. It’s this nuanced area of understanding where Provide Finance thrives.

It’s also important to note that mezzanine finance is generally more expensive than primary development finance; as mezzanine finance providers take on greater risk being a form of second-charge loan. That’s why it’s crucial to find the best financing rates to help your client succeed.

Using our smart-search platform and supporting team of specialist advisors, you can place any deal through Provide Finance, with no upfront fees, only generating a fee from the lender upon completion of your deal.

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At Provide Finance, we’re reshaping the future of mezzanine finance.

With our award-winning blend of innovation and expertise, we seamlessly connect brokers and intermediaries with lenders.

Our solutions are fast and cost-effective, providing you with transparency, control, and tailored support. With Provide Finance, you gain control through a real-time dashboard that tracks your applications, enabling you to achieve your clients objectives with peace of mind. Provide Finance is dedicated to easing the complexities of specialist financing, to prioritise your, and your clients’, success.

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