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Semi Commercial Mortgages: Flexible Semi-Commercial Property Finance Solutions

Semi-commercial properties include residential elements combined with commercial spaces like offices, retail units, or restaurants. A semi-commercial mortgage provides flexible financing for such mixed-use properties.

At Provide Finance, we ensure quick access to semi commercial mortgages with competitive rates from over 200 approved lenders. Whether you need to purchase or refinance, our tailored semi-commercial property finance solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Semi-commercial mortgages are property-backed loans designed for property which is comprised of both residential and commercial elements. They are available for a diverse array of properties and can be used to purchase or remortgage a property. These loans are generally funded using a commercial mortgage lender and are treated in much the same way as a commercial mortgage. The banner of ‘semi-commercial’ covers a wide range of properties. Any property that comprises both a commercial element and living accommodation will be classed as semi-commercial.

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