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Commercial Property Finance

Commercial property development finance is designed to allow developers or business owners to build new commercial properties. These properties upon completion may be let, sold or used as a base for the developer’s own business.

Whether your commercial development encompasses mixed-use properties or fully dedicated commercial ventures, our range of funding options will be right for you, enabling you to get the right funding, fast, getting your project underway sooner, on your terms.

Commercial property includes both large and small offices, warehouses and logistics, retail, student accommodation, medical facilities and hotels, as opposed to residential houses and flats. One key consideration to bear in mind is that there are fewer lenders prepared to secure a commercial development loan, so locating suitable lenders can be problematic unless you know where to look.

That’s where Provide Finance steps in. We connect commercial property development businesses of all sizes with lenders eager to match your desired rates and terms, offering commercial property financing solutions tailored to the needs of developers and business owners engaged in the construction, conversion, or renovation of commercial properties.

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Commercial Property Finance

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