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About Octane Capital

Octane Capital empowers property developers and investors with short-term loan solutions. Deeply rooting itself in specialist lending, Octane Capital’s experienced team has successfully facilitated over £1.5 billion since launching in 2017. Their goal today is the same as it was then: to help property investors realise their ambitions.

The Octane Difference

  • Experience & Expertise: Octane Capital offers a rich range of specialist expertise that has been shaping the lending landscape since 2009.
  • Client Dedication: As a principal lender backed by solid funding lines, Octane’s clients can be reassured that a ‘yes’ is delivered with absolute confidence.
  • Excellent Service: Whether it’s credit-backed AIPs provided within 2 hours or new applications underwritten within 48 hours, Octane is known for setting a high standard for service levels.

Octane’s Product Solutions

Bridging Loans:

  • Competitive rates, starting from 0.33% per month + BBR*
  • Daily interest calculation for cost-effectiveness
  • No exit fees and flexible borrower profiles
  • Lending from £100,000 to £15,000,000, accommodating an array of residential and semi-commercial property types.

Refurbishment Loans:

  • Tailored funding with rates from 0.35% per month + BBR*
  • Covering 100% of refurbishment costs
  • Project oversight by an Asset Manager, offering a personalized touch.
  • Light-touch project monitoring, with loans ranging from £150,000 to £15,000,000.

Developer Exit Loans:

  • Solutions for complete or nearly complete new-build sites, with rates from 0.33% per month + BBR*
  • Options for capital raises and cash releases, facilitating a smooth transition to sale or rental phases.
  • Up to 24 months term, ensuring developers have the time and resources they need to optimize their projects.

*Their rates track the Bank of England Base Rate

Why Choose Octane Capital?

  • Recognising that no two deals are alike, they excel in providing custom solutions, ensuring clients don’t have to conform to rigid product constraints.
  • Known for fast bridging loans, Octane prides itself on a swift turnaround, making it a go-to lender for time-sensitive deals.
  • With a passion for enabling the development of new housing, Octane Capital is committed to helping solve the UK’s housing shortage through strategic financing.

Get Funded by Octane, Today

Whether it’s a decorative refurbishment, a complex structural project, or providing a vital developer exit route, Octane Capital’s array of products stands ready to fund tomorrow’s exciting new projects.

Experience the pinnacle of property finance with Octane Capital, where every deal is powered by expertise, speed, and a passion for property development.

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