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Why Choose Fairbridge Capital?

Fairbridge Capital are not just lenders – they’re your partners in progress. In the dynamic world of property finance, they stand out as a lender synonymous with speed, flexibility, and expertise. By choosing Fairbridge Capital, you’re opting for a partner who values your vision, ensuring that each financial solution is crafted to meet the unique demands of your endeavours.

  • Speed: Time is of the essence in property dealings, and Fairbridge Capital understand this implicitly. Their swift decision-making processes ensure you have the financial backing when you need it the most.
  • Flexibility: The complexity of your transactions requires a lender that can navigate and adapt. They are committed to uncovering practical solutions and transforming challenges into successful investments.
  • Reliability: The ethos at Fairbridge Capital is to deliver commitments with an enthusiasm that transcends process – it’s their attitude.
  • Expertise: The extensive experience of their in-house specialists is the cornerstone of their services, allowing them to comprehend and address complex financial scenarios.

Residential Bridging:

Unlock the potential of swift property transactions with Fairbridge Capital’s Residential Bridging Loans. Perfect for auction purchases, refinancing, or property refurbishments, their loans offer competitive rates from just 0.75%. Experience the benefit of:

  • Tailored terms from £50k to £5m
  • Flexible loan to value up to 75%
  • A responsive service designed for even first-time landlords
  • Consideration for individuals with adverse credit

Commercial Bridging:

Navigate commercial property finance with Fairbridge Capital’s Commercial Bridging Loans. Starting at a rate of 0.75%, their loans are structured to support purchases, refinances, and urgent business cash flows. They cater to a wide array of sectors and offer:

  • Loans ranging from £50k to £5m
  • A loan to value up to 70%, accommodating a diverse portfolio
  • Quick finance solutions for land with planning
  • A path forward for clients with adverse credit

Refurbishment Loans:

For the seasoned property investor or developer, their Refurbishment Loans provide the financial impetus for quick turnarounds on both residential and commercial projects. With rates from 0.75%, you can expect:

  • Flexible loan terms designed to support rapid project completion
  • Access to funds when it counts, with quick drawdowns
  • Asset manager visits within 24 hours, ensuring a swift response to your needs

Finish & Exit Loans:

Overcome delays and unforeseen issues in your development projects with their Finish & Exit Loans. Offering rates from 0.85%, Fairbridge Capital is dedicated to helping you find the path to completion with:

  • Expert planning and support for ground-up development
  • Custom financial solutions for complex cases

Second Charge Bridging:

Raise the funds you need for business expansion or investment with Fairbridge Capital’s

Second Charge Bridging Loans. With rates from 0.90%, they enable you to leverage the equity in your property to realize your business goals. Enjoy:

  • Terms suited for diverse property types
  • Business purpose loans without early repayment charges or penalties

Aligning with Your Journey

Fairbridge Capital is committed to reflecting the resilience and innovation of its clients through each bespoke financial solution. Their dedication to enhancing your journey with tailored, SEO-optimized lender pages is unwavering. Discover a lending service that resonates with your ambitions and trust Fairbridge Capital to be the catalyst for your success.

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