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Catalyst is a principal lender of specialist property finance. They provide bridging, refurbishment, ‘super heavy’ refurbishment, development exit, auction purchase, ‘FLEX’ bridging, and commercial bridging loans.

Loan sizes and leverages vary across their product range, and they lend up to £25,000,000 per loan with a maximum LTV of 80% of Open Market Value.

They’re able to support most borrowers and accept most property types as security, as long as they can understand how you will repay the loan.

Who Are Catalyst Property Finance?

Founded in 2017, Catalyst Property Finance offer loans to fit a wide range of scenarios and suit the needs and circumstances of most borrowers. In addition to providing fast access to finance, their highly experienced team helps clients realise their property goals, whether they aim to purchase, refinance or refurbish a residential or commercial property.

The short-term finance experts at Catalyst are passionate about supporting borrowers and work hard to ensure their clients never miss good opportunities.

What Type Of Specialist Property Finance Do You Need?

With a team that understands specialist property finance and offers market-leading terms on every LTV, asset class, and borrower status, Catalyst can stay relevant in a crowded marketplace of lenders.

Run by friendly lending experts, Catalyst Property Finance specialises in offering the following financial support:

Refurbishment finance

  • Light/medium refurb
  • REFURB+ Super-stretch
  • Loans up to £10m
  • Up to 80% LTV.

Bridging finance

  • Many property types
  • 1st or 2nd charge
  • Refurb up to 10% OMV
  • Credit issue options.

Development exit finance

  • Refinance development loans
  • ‘Finish and exit’ up to 10% OMV
  • Loans up to £10m
  • Capital raise.

Commercial bridging finance

  • All properties considered
  • Vacant, care homes, rural, etc.
  • Convert to resi/mixed use
  • Loans up to £10m

Super heavy refurb

  • Unlimited % expansion
  • Only 1 original wall to remain
  • Refurb budget over 100% OMV
  • Loans up to £10m.

Industries and Sectors

Catalyst Property Finance provides loans for any legal purpose and accepts most property types as security. However, properties must be in England or Wales in areas where there is a demand for the property type.

The sectors they covers include:

Why Choose Catalyst Property Finance?

Boasting near-limitless funding and backed by four institutional funds, Catalyst says it focuses on looking for reasons to lend and can utilise capital in various ways to get deals done. Not only does Catalyst provide clever short-term loans on properties where the interest can be paid monthly, upon redemption, or part and part, but it also goes the extra mile to deliver the best outcomes for borrowers.

The team believes in putting customers first and treating each one with the integrity and respect they deserve. Although these lending experts think big, they stay humble and take pride in providing flexible funding solutions and first-class customer service at all times. What’s more, the application process is uncomplicated, and loan terms range from 1 to 24 months.

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