September 7, 2022

From Miranda Khadr, Founder and CEO.

To all of our users,

Welcome to Provide and thank you for helping us get here. 

You might have noticed we look a little different.

At Provide, we’ve spent the last few years getting to know you and what you expect from a finance platform. Provide was launched in 2020 to make securing finance a quick, easy, and transparent process. A simple goal, dedicated to making a big impact on the lives of borrowers, brokers, and lenders. 

The more we worked with you, the more we learned what made you excited, frustrated, or surprised. We saw people approaching finance from different backgrounds, for different reasons, with different expectations. Slowly we learned how we could be the best finance platform for everyone. Our team improved the platform bit by bit. And one day we realised…we were no longer the same platform at all. We had become something better. 

Provide was created because we thought our users needed the ability to connect with hundreds of lenders in an instant, and get their ideas and applications seen by as many people as possible in order to get the best choice of rates. And they do, and we’re happy that we can help them do that. 

But what our customers value the most about our service is the personalised care we offer. The fact we have cutting-edge technology at our fingertips but understand that technology needs to be supported by humans with expertise and experience in the finance industry.

We took a look at our name and realised Pitch 4 no longer aligned with our values. Pitching is hard work, and we’re meant to make your life easier. So, from now on we’ll go by Provide. Because we are dedicated to providing you with the best resources, the best support, the best finance solutions, at the best possible rates. Innovative fintech with a friendly face. Don’t you think that sounds like something the finance world has been missing?

Of course, with a new name comes a bit of a facelift. Our new look and features are a direct reflection of what our users needed. Out with the old, and in with the new, we are changing the way people approach finances. We’re providing our users with upgraded technology, specialised support, and a growing number of educational resources.

Together, we’ll go far.

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