October 25, 2022

The sun is going down sooner and the next bank holiday isn’t for two more months. We have to accept that summer is really over. But Provide wants to make the summer last as long as possible for our users. Let’s face it, we could all use a bit of fun in the sun these days.

The winner will receive a £500 gift card to their choice of John Lewis, B&Q, IKEA, or Howdens.

How to Enter:

  • Send us a photo of your favourite summer memory, or anything you’re doing to keep the spirit of summer alive as we get closer to winter.
  • Tell us what makes you excited about the launch of Provide (it can be just a sentence or two, no need to go on and on about how much you love us)
  • You must be signed up with an account on Provide Finance to win

The winner will be selected based on how much the photo captures the spirit of Fun in the Sun. We love how creative our users are, so feel free to interpret the prompt however you like.

We will announce the winner in an email on November 16th

To win, you must be signed up with an account on By submitting you agree to the terms of the contest which include you giving express permission for all photos to be published on and any other Provide social media platform/ platforms from the person submitting the photo and any other persons in the photo.

Good Luck!

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