Refinancing Loans: Why It’s a Good Time to Save Money By Refinancing A Loan.


July 18, 2022

The rising cost of living can be felt across the UK. So it comes as no surprise that saving money is becoming many people’s main priority. With the rapidly rising market rates- business owners are looking for quick and effective solutions. However, it’s hard to decipher what is a true money-saving tactic, and what is a con from another company looking out for themselves. Refinancing your loans might be a good place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed with money-saving options.  

Refinancing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but by getting a better rate on your currently existing loans you can reduce your financial strain and put aside the additional savings for essential expenditures to come over the next couple of years. CEO and Founder of the Provide platform, Miranda Khadr, offers insight into how getting a better rate on your current loans could be a game-changer for business owners during this cost of living crisis. 

What Are The Benefits of Refinancing Your Loan? 

‘Preparation is going to be vital’, Khadr asserts, ‘over the next couple of years businesses and households alike will be facing increased financial pressure… we need to ensure that we are as prepared as we possibly can be for inflation remaining, and interest rate raises, over the next couple of years’. Khadr believes the current strain felt across communities is just the beginning, due to a fairly decent summer, but come September and October the price increases will be felt even further, as petrol prices rise and present challenges to businesses and households across the UK. 

When is the Best Time to Refinance Your Loans? 

Truthfully, there is never a ‘right time’ to refinance your loans, and there’s certainly not a perfect moment that will work for everyone across the board. However, Khadr explains why people should consider refinancing their loans now instead of further down the line. ‘When interest rates and inflation are increasing, it is more probable that lenders will factor in these matters when considering how much lending they are prepared to offer’. Inflation may mean that on top of rising rates, stress tests will alter according to the inflated cost of living. Lenders would be more strict about their offers, with the expectation that families and businesses will be struggling with the increased cost of living. So when the market is predicting further rises in rates, you want to get ahead of the game and refinance now when rates might be the lowest they’ll be for the next couple of years. 

How Can You Find the Best Refinancing Rates using Provide? 

Provide has a number of resources to make refinancing loans a quick and easy process. When you post an enquiry on Pitch 4 your specific refinancing criteria will be compared against over 200 lenders so you can find your perfect lending match. Through the communication channels on the Pitch 4 platform, you can talk to lenders directly about what you’re currently paying on your loans, and what you would like to pay instead. These features bring empathy and open communication into the lending process, which is desperately needed during these difficult times. Because of the sheer number of lenders using Pitch 4, and the innovative fintech matching you with lenders in a matter of seconds, you’re more likely to get an improved rate when you refinance your loans through Provide. 

What Can Pitch 4 Do to Help during this Time of Increased Costs? 

‘Provide was created so that people have nothing to lose by trying to get the best possible rate on their funding solutions’, Khadr explains, ‘You only proceed when you find an offer you like, and you’re not credit searched when you submit an enquiry’. Provide believes that finances should be quick and easy to navigate and removes the jargon that so many other companies lean on when people really need support, empathy, and efficiency. Khadr is incredibly proud of the difference Provide has been able to make in the financial world, ‘Our platform is saving borrowers thousands of pounds annually, and helping them find business finance solutions which they previously had not found with their bank or lenders that they were aware of’.  

The team of financial experts at Provide is dedicated to helping borrowers and brokers find the best lenders for their refinancing needs. During this time of increased cost of living, every bit of savings helps, and could potentially be a massive influence on how businesses struggle or succeed for the upcoming years. Provide isn’t just innovative fintech, it is a group of people who believe in a customer-first approach to finances. 

If you’d like to see how Provide can help you refinance your loans and make an important difference in how your finance journey will look over the next couple of years, post an enquiry below and learn what’s possible today.  

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