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The Sancus Group is a collective of alternative finance providers specialising in bridging and development loans for developers, construction specialists, and their introducers, along with offering rewarding funding opportunities for HNWIs, family offices, and institutional investors.

Who Are Sancus?

Sancus Lending Group Limited is an AIM-listed business that provides bespoke bridging and development finance solutions. Since their inception in 2013, their mission has been to deliver over £1 billion in funding, enhancing the trajectories of SMEs, developers, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), entrepreneurs, and construction specialists across a multitude of industries.

What They Offer

Lending across a spectrum of needs, The Sancus Group tailors financial services to the unique contours of each project. Their offerings are as dynamic as the visions they fund, including:

  • Property Finance: Crafting strategies to strengthen property portfolios with precision and insight.
  • Bridging Loans: Providing urgent liquidity with the agility necessary in today’s market.
  • Secured Asset-Backed Loans: Offering sturdy financial backbones for bold endeavors.
  • Development Loans: Fueling the construction and refurbishment dreams of forward-thinking developers.

Why Choose Sancus?

  • Expertise and Trust: Their team of relationship-driven professionals excels in understanding and aligning with your business imperatives.
  • Quick and Decisive Action: We’re committed to “making the deal happen,” offering unparalleled dexterity and one primary contact point from application to drawdown.
  • Extensive Capital Access: With a wealth of capital at its disposal, they views security holistically, providing more than just funds – they deliver certainty and opportunity.

Your Ambitions, Their Commitment

Sancus recognise that professional and personal ambitions often converge. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of property development finance or seeking an investment property financing partner, their relationship managers are equipped with a profound understanding of your aspirations.

From residential real estate to mixed-use developments, The Sancus Group champions growth in a myriad of sectors. With no upper limit to their lending capabilities, they’ve confidently financed projects up to £17 million.

The Sancus Advantage

Choosing The Sancus Group means partnering with a lender celebrated for speed, integrity, and flexibility. With Sancus Finance, borrowers find more than a financial solution; they discover a partner in progress. Their approach is personalised and comprehensive, covering the full breadth of the UK – from Sancus Jersey to the shores of Scotland and Wales.

The Sancus ethos is built on clarity and partnership. Their finance professionals work tirelessly to understand your needs, offering tailored finance solutions across the United Kingdom.

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