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The ‘Borrower First’ Experience

Roma Finance is a specialist lender providing flexible and bespoke financial solutions for property professionals, developers, landlords, and investors. With a deep understanding that every property transaction is unique, Roma Finance prioritises flexibility, speed, and simplicity to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Why Choose Roma Finance?

Roma Finance stands out for its commitment to the ‘Borrower First’ experience, ensuring every deal is treated with the uniqueness it deserves. The company’s innovative #RomaFLOW channel exemplifies this approach, offering a fast and hassle-free bridging finance solution. Key benefits include:

  • Fast: Most bridging finance cases are completed within 28 days.
  • Flexible: Lending is available for every property type.
  • Simple: Streamlined legal and underwriting processes.
  • Trusted: Integrity is valued, with many customers returning for further financial needs.

How They Can Help

Residential Bridging Loans

Roma’s approach to residential bridging loans is designed to be fast, flexible, and straightforward. This product is perfect for property purchases, refinances, and refurbishments.

  • Loan Size: £75,000 – £3 million
  • LTV: Up to 75%
  • Geographic Coverage: England, Scotland, and Wales

Auction Finance

Roma Finance’s auction finance product helps clients bid with confidence, knowing they have the financial backing to meet short payment deadlines.

  • Loan Size: £75,000 – £3 million
  • Geographic Coverage: England, Scotland, and Wales

Refurbishment Finance

Refurbishing a property often requires substantial upfront investment. They offers light, medium, and heavy refurbishment finance options, each tailored to the scale of the project.

  • Loan Size: £75,000 – £3 million
  • Geographic Coverage: England, Scotland, and Wales

Development Finance

Roma shares the entrepreneurial spirit of property developers, offering bold and flexible development finance solutions to get projects moving. Their developer exit loan helps continue builds at lower rates once the site is wind and watertight.

  • Loan Size: Up to £3 million
  • Term: Up to 24 months
  • Geographic Coverage: England, Scotland, and Wales

Commercial Bridging Finance

Roma offers a diverse range of commercial and semi-commercial bridging loans, providing short-term finance solutions for various property types and business needs.

  • Loan Size: £75,000 – £3 million
  • Geographic Coverage: England, Scotland, and Wales

The ‘Borrower First’ Commitment

At Roma, every case is unique and treated with the utmost flexibility and care. The company’s streamlined approach and dedicated team ensure that clients receive the best possible service and financial solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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