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MT Finance stands as a vanguard in the property finance landscape, carving out a niche for fast, flexible, and transparent financial solutions. Since its establishment in 2008, MT Finance has been a cornerstone for property professionals, business owners, and individuals, furnishing them with strategic bridging loans and auction finance tailored to their unique circumstances.

Who Are MT Finance?

With a dedication to providing short-term loans that are fit for purpose, MT Finance has forged a distinguished reputation for swift delivery. The company is committed to upholding the highest service standards, as evidenced by multiple industry accolades for bridging finance service excellence.

What They Do

At the heart of MT Finance’s offering is an array of short-term loan products, including:

  • Bridging Loans: A staple for property investors and business owners, these loans are designed for speed and adaptability, available from £50,000 to £10 million with up to 70% LTV.
  • Auction Finance: Tailored for the rapid-paced auction market, providing funds promptly to secure property purchases.
  • Refurbishment Loans: Crafted for upgrades and improvements, these loans support property investors in enhancing the value of their assets.
  • Second Charges: For those with existing mortgages seeking additional funds for a short period.

Why Use MT Finance?

  • Speed: MT Finance is the epitome of rapid finance, delivering loans quickly and efficiently to meet the urgent needs of clients.
  • Service: Recognising the individuality of each loan application, they are dedicated to personal attention and custom-fit solutions.
  • Transparency: A lender that stands on the pillars of trust and transparency, MT Finance ensures clear, upfront communication regarding costs, with no hidden charges.

An Experience Team

Their team comprises some of the most seasoned experts in UK bridging finance, committed to integrity, flexibility, and understanding. These principles are woven into every loan product, from standard offerings to tailored solutions for complex scenarios.

Their Products

With MT Finance, you gain access to competitive short-term real estate lending solutions, including:

  • UK-wide Bridging Loans: Flexible packages starting at £150,000, with terms from 3-24 months and rates from 1.00% pm.
  • Refurbishment Financing: Competitive support for property upgrades.
  • Auction Funding: Pre-approved funds to bolster your position at property auctions.
  • HMO Funding: Market-leading financing packages for significant portfolio building.
  • Development Exit Bridge: Strategic finance for developers at critical project junctures.
  • Commercial Bridging: Nationwide solutions with up to 65% LTV.

Bridging Your Success

MT Finance is a valuable partner of Provide Finance, helping fund clients with the bridging finance they need to complete their projects within their timeframes. They pride themselves on creating an effortless route to securing property finance.

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