Hilltop Credit Partners

Hilltop Credit Partners

Pioneers in Real Estate Development Finance

Hilltop Credit Partners brings a revolution in property development finance, blending over three decades of cross-European expertise with innovative technology to support the real estate landscape. With their one-stop, technology-enabled funding solutions, they’re not just funding projects—they’re fostering the communities of tomorrow.

About Hilltop Credit Partners

Their seasoned team offers 360-degree sector knowledge spanning development, investment management, credit, and more, ensuring a comprehensive approach to real estate financing. From site identification to construction and sales, Hilltop adds value at every stage, underpinning both new and existing clients with superior advisory and management for consistent success.

Building Communities with Creative Capital

As leading credit investment managers, Hilltop Credit Partners is dedicated to creating flexible development finance solutions. They understand that building better communities is about more than just numbers—it’s about sustainable, long-lasting social impact. With their forward-looking perspective and commitment to transparency, they’re a trusted partner through the ebbs and flows of market cycles.

Your Partner for Today and Tomorrow

Whether through tailored development finance, stabilisation finance, or bridge finance solutions, Hilltop Credit Partners stands out as a partner—not just a lender. They’re in it for the long haul, providing medium-term loans that cover everything from site acquisition to unit sales and completion of ongoing developments.

Commitment to Excellence

Backed by robust institutional investment, Hilltop’s loans are crafted to nurture sustainable and impactful developments. They’ve already left an indelible mark by funding over 1,100 units with a gross development value surpassing £300 million. It’s a testament to their ability to deliver not just financial support but also a vision for thriving communities.

Get Funded with Hilltop Credit Partners

Their profound market insight makes them a go-to choice for developers, helping bring their visions to life.

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