Foundation Home Loans

Foundation Home Loans

Who are Foundation Home Loans

Foundation Home Loans is a specialist mortgage lender, based in Bracknell. They are a specialist buy-to-let and residential mortgage lender, providing flexible solutions for more complex cases. 

They offer a wide range of buy-to-let mortgages and are particularly experienced in the portfolio landlord market. In addition to buy-to-let, they offer residential mortgages. 

Foundation Home Loans is the home of specialist buy-to-let and residential mortgage lending. With over 290 members of staff, and 21 dedicated regional account managers and internal business development managers, they offer support to brokers and intermediators throughout all the stages of a client’s application. They are highly regarded due to their easy-to-use portal and flexible underwriting. They aim to be the most trusted lender in the specialist sector offering dedicated phone support and case ownership throughout their underwriting process. 

As their products are only available via authorised intermediaries, Provide Finance is proud to have them on our lending panel. Therefore, to find out more about their latest products and rates, please do get in touch with us. 

What Makes Foundation Home Loans A Lending Specialist? 

They are specialists because they understand the market and because they know that not everyone has straightforward borrowing requirements when it comes to mortgages. 

Foundation Home Loans cater for people with more complex requirements or circumstances, such as portfolio landlords or those seeking a mortgage on an HMO property. 

Benefits of using Foundation Home Loans  

  • Offer complex buy-to-let finance for both individual landlords and limited companies. 
  • Offer increased criteria to suit more near-mainstream residential borrowers. 
  • Specialist mortgage Solutions for BTL cases which are more challenging. Solutions by Foundation is a range of products for specialist BTL properties with mixed-use (part commercial), multi-occupation properties and a range of specialist property mortgages for UK Ex-pat landlords. 

Solutions by Foundation is a specialist buy-to-let proposition of broad and specialist criteria for an additional layer of extraordinary property or loan types beyond that typically catered for in the specialist buy-to-let market. 

Foundation Home Loans specialisms 

  • Residential mortgages for borrowers with complex income, employment or credit history 
  • Buy-to-let mortgages for landlords, portfolios and limited companies 
  • Specialist property types including HMOs and multi-unit blocks 

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