The Sancus Group

“The Sancus Group offers borrowers fast access to bridging and development property finance and secured asset-backed loans.

Well-known for being an alternative financial services provider, The Sancus Group launched in 2013 and now has offices in the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. To date, The Sancus Group has provided more than £1 billion of funding to borrowers, including developers, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Offering speed, flexibility and bespoke services, The Sancus Group helps borrowers secure funds quickly to enable them to focus on their business and achieve success in project delivery. 


Financial Products and Services

Lending to both simple and complex structures, The Sancus Group offers a bespoke and efficient alternative to traditional lending solutions through straightforward loans. 

The Sancus Group’s range of financial products and services include:

  • Property finance
  • Bridging loans
  • Secured asset-backed loans
  • Development loans

Sancus loans can be short or medium-term, and loan terms are customised to suit individual borrower requirements. 


Industries and Sectors

The Sancus Group has a portfolio of lending solutions from £250k with no upper limit to meet the demands of developers, construction specialists, SMEs and entrepreneurs, enabling borrowers to take advantage of opportunities to grow their business.  

With a mission to assist the real economy and help borrowers make a difference in their local communities, The Sancus Group supports the following industries:

Residential Real Estate

Mixed-use Real Estate

Real Estate Development

As already mentioned, The Sancus Group has no upper limit on the amount it lends to borrowers, with its largest loan to date being £17 million. 

The Benefits of Using The Sancus Group

The Sancus Group has access to significant permanent and semi-permanent capital and takes a holistic view of the assets for security. As a niche non-traditional financial services provider, The Sancus Group provides quick decisions and offers greater flexibility than traditional lenders to give certainty to borrowers. 

Another benefit of working with Sancus is the knowledgeable and highly experienced staff who are easy to deal with and concentrate on providing a range of funding opportunities to enable borrowers to achieve their business growth goals. 

Furthermore, Sancus offers bespoke finance solutions and can handle highly complex lending proposals without delay. 

Customer Review Scores

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Awards and Accreditations

The Sancus Group has not yet received any awards or accreditations.

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