Tax Funding: The Complete Guide

How Can Tax Funding Help With a Business’s Cash flow? Sometimes businesses find themselves in situations where cash flow is tight. Perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances. Having just come through […]

Understanding Personal Guarantees

What is a Personal Guarantee? A business owner must understand what personal guarantees are before signing when completing an unsecured business loan. The majority of unsecured business loans require a […]

Unsecured Business Finance: The Complete Guide

What is Unsecured Business Finance Whether your business is a start up or an established trading business then you have almost certainly considered a business loan, possibly to purchase new […]

Secured Business Finance: The Complete Guide

What is Secured Business Finance? A loan which is backed by security, such as property or business assets. How to Secure Financing for a Business Business funding comes in all […]

R&D Tax Credits: The Complete Guide

What are R&D Tax Credits? Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits are government reliefs, and support businesses that are making advances in science and technology. They can be used for […]

Recovery Loan Scheme: The Complete Guide

What is The Recovery Loan Scheme? The Recovery Loan Scheme is designed to facilitate UK based businesses greater access to finance, the scheme was first devised to enable businesses to […]

Trade Finance: The Complete Guide

What is Trade Finance? Trade finance is most commonly known as a type of working capital finance, it is an umbrella term that covers businesses that are importing and exporting […]

Supply Chain Finance: The Complete Guide

What is Supply Chain Finance? Supply Chain Finance is a form of Working Capital finance which falls under the Trade Finance umbrella, often referred to as ‘reverse factoring’.  Global supply […]

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