Commercial Property Development: The Complete Guide

What is Commercial Property Development Finance? Put simply, commercial property development finance is a type of loan to cover the cost of purchasing or developing a commercial property. If you’re […]

Residential Property Investment: The Complete Guide

What is Residential Property Investment? Residential property investment is a type of strategy that involves purchasing a flat or house and renting it out to generate an income. Experienced landlords […]

Portfolio Finance: The Complete Guide

What is Portfolio Finance? Over the last few years portfolio landlords have found it harder to fund larger portfolios due to the size limits that have been put in place […]

Semi-Commercial Properties: The Complete Guide

What is a Semi-Commercial Property? Semi-commercial properties can cover a raft of different property and commercial elements. These always have a residential element but may have various different commercial elements:  […]

Mezzanine Finance: The Complete Guide

What is Mezzanine Finance? Mezzanine Finance is a hybrid of existing debt and Equity Finance that falls between them in an existing debt structure. It can be a solution for […]

HMO Mortgages: The Complete Guide

What is an HMO? HMO stands for a House in Multiple Occupation and refers to a property rented out by at least three individuals who are not from the same […]

JV and Equity Finance: The Complete Guide

What is Joint Venture (JV) Funding? Joint Venture (JV) funding, or Equity Finance as it is sometimes called, is often seen as an important tool within a property investor or […]

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