August 16, 2022

What is Mezzanine Finance?

Mezzanine Finance is a hybrid of existing debt and Equity Finance that falls between them in an existing debt structure.

It can be a solution for the sudden need to fund unexpected requirements, such as:

  • New acquisitions
  • Expansion plans
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Future new venture opportunities- like large-scale development projects

What are the advantages of Mezzanine Finance?

  • Helpful for businesses that need to make quick finance decisions
  • Offers a quick funding solution
  • You won’t lose out on an opportunity by trying to raise funding through more traditional methods.

Things to Consider when Thinking About Mezzanine Finance

  • Mezzanine Finance sits in the gap between senior debt and equity.
  • You need a Mezzanine Finance solution that respects your existing debt hierarchy.
  • Get Mezzanine Finance options that are designed to avoid selling valuable equity
  • Mezzanine Finance can secure larger amounts than a standard secured loan

Provide can help you navigate Mezzanine Finance solutions as a flexible way to meet today’s range of immediate borrowing needs. Just because it’s a fast solution doesn’t mean it has to feel chaotic. Our financial experts have helped hundreds of borrowers find the Mezzanine Finance that sits perfectly in their existing debt hierarchy for a seamless transition and fast funding.

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