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“Truly Beneficial”

[Provide] has been truly beneficial in helping us place those trickier cases. Bridging, development and commercial finance can be rather complex in nature. The experience of the team at [Provide] is clearly evident, having dealt with many similar cases before they are best placed to know where to go first time and with speed.

Several options generally come through, meaning we can give our clients a number of competitive lenders to choose from. It’s a service many other brokers could really benefit from using.


Steve Hand

Express Mortgages

”Highly Professional"

We used [Provide] on a refinance case for £6.2m for a good client with an extensive and complicated property portfolio. Thanks to the experience and tireless work of the team, they sourced a great deal with a niche lender that was new to us, which our client was delighted with.

[Provide] are professional – we’ll certainly use them again.

Dave Messenger
Messenger Property and Development Finance

“Great Value Add”

Dealing with [Provide] is a massive plus when it comes to having access to a spectrum of lenders, each with their own criteria and terms. As well as being a tech platform which is amazingly fast and transparent, I also appreciate the human element on the other end of the phone when discussing cases. 

Alex Brandon … has been invaluable in terms of her experience and hands-on support with my queries from start to finish in a seamless fashion. [Provide] has clearly carved a niche in the commercial lending market.

*User asked to remain anonymous    

“Extremely intuitive”

I have been working with the [Provide] team since the inception of the site and the software has come on leaps and bounds since it was first introduced to the market


The software is extremely intuitive and whilst it is the lenders responsibility to update the system with any product offering variations, these updates are easy to maintain and the results are immediate.


At Octane we have seen multiple enquiries on [Provide] and these come through to an email group that allows any member of our team to respond and as we are aware that other lenders will have been established as possible matches too, we are keen to offer terms where we can as quickly as possible. 


This can only be good news for the broker/borrower who has submitted the enquiry.

Communication via the site is simple and efficient too allowing the lender to upload any necessary documentation for the enquirer to refer to or pass on to the borrower if required.

From a lenders perspective [Provide] is a great way to see multiple enquiries and respond to them quickly and directly. From a borrowers perspective this means the whole of market is researched on their behalf with a shortlist of possible lenders made accessible to them in an instant.

All of this is great for borrowers, giving them a unique blend of market knowledge and great service all in one place.


Justin Cooper


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